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Prairie garden designed by Debby Tenquist

I have designed a variety of gardens from formal to relaxed meadow style.  I have worked on both large and small projects. The two garden galleries are gardens that have both been published (see under media). 

My process for a landscaping project involves a balance between fullfilling the brief from the client and designing a garden that respects and celebrates the "genius loci" of the property. I take great care to consider everything from the climatic conditions to appropriateness of planting material. I am fully committed and passionate about organic gardening processes and protecting the environment and wild life. I have elected to specialize in drought resistant gardens due to the critical water crises in South Africa and elsewhere.

I am based in Johannesburg and in the Cape I work with a professional installation team.


Outside of South Africa I appoint local garden contractors with whom I work closely over the construction and installation to ensure that my design and that my client's vision is followed.

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